Coilover Garage


Little Miata Engine IN

Got the engine in , the motor mounts were alittle bit of a b*tch but we managed so its mint now ! Mint. Shredder Hoodie – Black

Got Another Shop

Setup is pretty legit now , so that’s cool . Mint. Shredder Hoodie – Black

How To “CHEAT” An Emissions Test

Skip to 7:25 if you’re here to cheat your emissions test . If thats not your intention today then enjoy this mint hoodie :

Little Miata Suspension Going Back In

Gotta get the control arms mounted up first then we can take care of the rest soon. Its pretty damn cold out right about now so pickup a Mint hoodie and stay warm:

Little Miata ENGINE TEAR DOWN !!

We were all pretty shocked at how not destroyed it was. Cam’s channel : NEW MINT SHIRT :