Genesis Diff Upgrade

Day 1 of the diff upgrade project , we’re unfortunately halted by the need of a dealer item. Grab a haggard racing sticker , slap it on your car and tag us on IG !! We wanna see you guys reppin on the whips !!!

240sx Budget Sleepy Eyes

Here’s how you budget some headlights on your 240 if it didn’t come with any ! MEAN 50k PEEL VIDEO : Check out burkys build off in PA as well : Don’t forget to check out the drift team page :

Got A Bumper On It

Check out the Kuro lifestyle channel for some cool 240 stuff : Check out cam’s channel for some mean daily vlogs : Check out our drift team page :


Check out our drift team page : Check out cam’s channel : Mike Zl Computer’s channel :


Thank you guys for supporting what we do ! We can’t wait to meet you guys at an event soon ! Vlog Channel :

Kaaz LSD Unboxing

Check out this awesome diff for the genesis ! Cam’s Channel :

Rewiring The Sr20

Runs pretty mint now ! Don’t forget to pickup a Mint hoodie ! : Also , check out cam’s channel !! :


Don’t forget to grab a hoodie !!! Its god damn freezing out : Also check out cam’s vlogs :


Finally got Cam in a daily drifter , now we can commit acts of shenaniganism on the streets and have a good ass time almost everyday ( or basically how much hes willing to spend on tires ). Cam’s Channel : Grab A Hoodie before its too late !!! :

Company Retreat

We had an absolutely amazing time , Huge shout out to Strange Planet Printing , next year is going to be insane. Check out the website : Check out cams channel :