Genesis Diff Upgrade

Day 1 of the diff upgrade project , we’re unfortunately halted by the need of a dealer item. Grab a haggard racing sticker , slap it on your car and tag us on IG !! We wanna see you guys reppin on the whips !!!

Got A Bumper On It

Check out the Kuro lifestyle channel for some cool 240 stuff : Check out cam’s channel for some mean daily vlogs : Check out our drift team page :


Check out our drift team page : Check out cam’s channel : Mike Zl Computer’s channel :

Kaaz LSD Unboxing

Check out this awesome diff for the genesis ! Cam’s Channel :


Finally got Cam in a daily drifter , now we can commit acts of shenaniganism on the streets and have a good ass time almost everyday ( or basically how much hes willing to spend on tires ). Cam’s Channel : Grab A Hoodie before its too late !!! :


One thing I’ve learned from my time here on youtube is that someone will always have something negative to say, its just a way of life now, so with that being said check out the new daily drifter ! Its pretty clean and it should stay that way…hopefully CAMO MINT : CAM’s CHANNEL :…