2017 Haggard Q&A

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Paint Matching The Drift Cars

Got it done in time for the drift event, stay tuned for the full color reveal !!! Make sure you check out logan steel on facebook https://www.facebook.com/logansteelct/

Sr20 Compression Test

Between bills, waiting for parts , real life , and junk ass weather we haven’t really been able to do much , here’s just a quick whats up video for the day , but be sure to stay tuned for the upcoming miata videos , we ordered a ton of parts.

Drift Practice In The Rain

Got a nice pre season practice sesh in. Gonna be practicing again and again over time. Lowkey mint. Snap Back – Black

Painting The Little Miata Engine Bay

The paint job came out pretty Mint. Mint SHREDDER HAT : https://haggardracing.com/products/mint-shredder-snapback-black Mint SPOILER : https://haggardracing.com/collections/new-items/products/mint-spoiler-10-oz-heavyweight-hoodie-black-grey

Little Miata Front Lip & 7.3 Snow Drifts

Donovan and the car are okay , he did bend a tie rod but tie rods on s chassis are nothing , no arms or anything bent. Check out the Mint shredder hat ! https://haggardracing.com/products/mint-shredder-snapback-black

Genesis Handbrake Install

Here’s the HG ASD hydro e brake install video for anyone that got an asd : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3CsIt2oosM Also , here’s some mean skids : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWNQQepry2M Dont forget to check out the new shredder hat ! https://haggardracing.com/collections/new-items/products/mint-shredder-snapback-black